SNM Performance Gelotion

SNM Performance Gelotion


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Sore No-More Performance Gelotion is our FEI compliant herbal formula with a naturally thick consistency for targeted pain relief.

Performance horses face daily challenges that take a toll on their muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue. Inflammation and swelling can open the door for injury and chronic pain in active horses. The right herbal liniment can reduce the risk of injury and help your horse feel as fresh after their performance as when you started. In some situations, a liquid liniment is difficult to apply without waste or keep in place on active horses.

That’s why we developed our Performance Gelotion. All the proven pain relief benefits of our Performance Liniment with a thicker consistency that stays in place. All while being safe for everyday use and regulated competition.

Sore No-More Performance Gelotion was developed by veterinarians with competitors in mind. It combines our natural, clinically-proven formula of arnica, rosemary, witch hazel, lavender and anti-inflammatory comfrey. Formulated without any ingredients on the FEI's drug regulations list. No harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, irritating herbs, artificial or synthetic additives. Limbers up and prepares muscles and soft tissue before exercise, reducing the risk of injury. Relaxes and relieves sore muscles and fatigue to improve flexibility and range of motion. Draws out heat, fluid and toxins while promoting circulation and cooling the affected area.

The Performance Gelotion is the right choice for:
Horses with a moderate to heavy work level.
Horses with chronic inflammation, arthritis or sore muscles.
Horses with sensitive skin or reactions to traditional liniments.
Horses with specific injuries or problem areas.
Horses competing in FEI or other agency regulated events.
Owners looking for a cost-effective, regulation compliant solution for targeted joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief.
Owners and equine professionals looking for a safe complement for therapy treatments.

Our clinically-proven formula offers performance horses an effective yet gentle solution for focused pain relief of sore and fatigued muscles.

Regulation compliant: Comfrey replaces the lobelia from our Classic liniment as a stronger anti-inflammatory that meets FEI “Zero-Tolerance” regulations and many common agency regulations. Comfrey is the most effective herbal anti-inflammatory available for horses.

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