Nathe Pelham Port - 5.25"

Nathe Pelham Port - 5.25"


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Well adapted to the anatomy of the horse's mouth, enabling an even better distribution of pressure on the tongue. Stainless steel mirror caps. Curb chain not included, supplied with hooks.
NATHE bits promote chewing and thus the horse's contentment as well as its readiness to perform and saliva formation. The excellent tolerability of NATHE bits and their gentle effects on tongue, bars and corners of the mouth make NATHE bits ones to recommend for particularly highly strung horses with sensitive mouths and a very empathetic way of riding. The use of NATHE bits enables the desired fine communication between rider and horse and the incomparable empathetic contact with the horse's mouth. All bits are fitted with stainless steel rings and/or cheek pieces. Ride to success with the best possible equipment. NATHE bits are manufactured in Germany.
Thickness: 20 mm
Port: 3 cm
Upper shank: 4 cm, lower shank: 7 cm

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