Vitamin E - 1kg

Vitamin E - 1kg


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Vitamin E is one of the most important, yet often
overlooked vitamins. Deficiency has been implicated in
causing a variety of disorders such as rhabdomyolysis
(tying-up syndrome), equine lower motor neuron disease,
white muscle disease (with low selenium levels), and
degenerative myelopathy (a neurologic disease in young
horses). Horses with normal levels of vitamin E also have
been shown to have better immune responses to
vaccines than horses with lower vitamin E levels. Oral
supplementation of vitamin E is safe, as there have never
been reports of toxicity from vitamin E. The alpha-tocopherol form is the most bio-available for horses
to utilize.
Antioxidant and Improve Immune System.
SERVING SIZE: Our recommended dosage once or twice per
day. 1 level teaspoon = 2000 IU/

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