Back on Track Dog Rain Rug

Back on Track Dog Rain Rug


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The Back on Track® Therapeutic Dog Rain Rug is a state-of-the-art therapy product clinically proven to reduce pain and chronic inflammation.

This insulated dog rug can be used to warm up muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains and injury. Great for use in rain or snowy conditions. Can also help to ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries. May help arthritic dogs to move more comfortably. 

25cm (9.8 in.)
29cm (11.5 in.)
34cm (13.3 in.)
40 cm (15.75 in.)
46 cm (18.1 in.)
52 cm (20.5 in.)

– when choosing size, measure from the bottom of the collar along the back to the base of the tail (If between sizes, choose the next size up)

Tough, outdoor rug
Exterior is made of breathable, rain resistant nylon
Interior lining is made from polypropylene infused with ceramic particles and an insulating filling
Ceramic reflects natural body heat and creates soothing infrared warmth to help relax muscles and relieve joint pain
Adjustable with wrap around belly strap
Openings for leash and tail
Reflector tape on each side for enhanced visibility
Machine washable in cold water and air dry

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