Bronchix Pure 1kg

Bronchix Pure 1kg


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CAVALOR® BRONCHIX PURE -  Professional Line
Nutritional approach for horses with irritations of the bronchia and pulmonary problems


Indication for use 

Irritation of the bronchia and pulmonary problems can be caused by different factors.

These problems can have a very negative influence on the condition and the vitality of the horse. It is very important to solve these problems profoundly.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure sooths and clears the respiratory tract.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure supports the respiratory tract and increases the natural resistance.


50 g/ day during 40 days
 1 measuring scoop = 10 g/ 0.35 oz

Storage & Packaging
Pail of 2 kg

Use until 1,5 years after production date.

Keep dry and at temperatures from 5°C till 25°C in normal storage hangars.

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