Leather Halfpad

Leather Halfpad


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The Sleek comes with two types of foam, Open Cell and our Gummy foam.
Open Cell Stabilizer:
Open cell foam has tiny cells which are not completely closed. The open cells are filled with air and this affects the way the foam feels and performs. Soft and springy, open cell foam provides superior comfort and support. This versatile material offers lasting endurance and high levels of performance.
This stabilizer pad is 1/4" and was designed for a  super close contact providing a bit of support.
The 1/2" gummy with high grade medical foam was created for close comfort with snug saddles. This memory foam fills the spaces between the saddle and the horse, becoming thin where there is no room, and keeping its column where the support is needed
The key is the Ogilvy Equestrian FrictionFree technology, which reduces rubbing and friction transferring movement towards the inside of the pad, distributing the pressure evenly.
Regular 16.5-18 (Spine 18")
Large 18- 19.5 (Spine 19.5")
How should I maintain my Sleek Leather Half Pad?
1. Clean the outside of your pad with leather soap
2. Apply leather conditioner
3. If the underside of half pad is damp, lie your pad down with the underside facing up and allow it to dry

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