Freejump Airbag Vest
Freejump Airbag Vest
Freejump Airbag Vest
Freejump Airbag Vest
Freejump Airbag Vest
Freejump Airbag Vest

Freejump Airbag Vest


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The Freejump Airbag is the result of our taste for innovation, and our concern for the performance, comfort and safety of riders. Horseback riding is a dangerous sport, whether it is recreational or high level.

The Airbag Freejump is a protective vest made for horse riding and is worn close to the body, over a thin layer of clothing (T-shirt, sweater or thin pullover …). It allows to protect the vital zones of the rider.

Compatible jackets bear the “Freejump Airbag Technology” badge.

Each Airbag is tested individually


Cervical, Back, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis, Thorax

  1. Cervical protection optimized when wearing a certified riding helmet
  2. Optimal neck protection: a neck brace stabilizes the spine and vital areas. The neck protection is adapted to each size.
  3. Continuous hips protection for a perfect trunk alignment.
  4. Chest protection that is adapted to each size (24% of the chest circumference, and 100% of the waist-shoulder length)
  5. Back protection also adapted to each size (20% of the chest circumference, and 120% of the waist-shoulder length)
  6. /Freejump specificity/ Waist protection: better protection of the spine and vital organs thanks to 2 bust heights per size on sizes XS-S-M-L (regular fit/ slim fit).



Inflation speed of 98ms*.

The AIRBAG FREEJUMPvest reaches in 98 ms* the necessary pressure to obtain an optimal protection and outperforms the impact tests of the AFNOR NF S782-800-2022 standard



  1. VEST CUT/Freejump specificity/:  Fitted for better protection and +10% perforated fabric for better ventilation.
  2. FABRIC /Freejump specificity/: 100% Italian fabrics: Breathable, silky and comfortable.
  3. BACKING PLATE /Freejump specificity/ : Soft backing plate for less discomfort on the sides.
  4. Y-SADDLE CORD BUCKLE/Freejump specificity/ : High performance textile buckle: lighter and no more noise pollution with the metal buckle of the Keyball Leash.



  1. /Freejump specificity/ The Freejump Airbag gas generator is the most efficient on the market: small size & lightness.
  2. /Freejump specificity/Resetting is made easier by the cap guide when unscrewing and screwing: easy resetting and no possibility of losing the cap. The ball retaining clip allows a safe and simplified reset of the Keyball Leash.



Compatible garments are also certified by the AFNOR NF S782-800-2022 standard.

/Freejump specificity/: Jackets compatible with the Freejump Airbag must bear the label “FREEJUMP AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY – COMPATIBLE JACKET”.


There are 3 sizes of cartridges:

  1. Size 50CC (For children sizes S and L)
  2. Size 60CC (For sizes XXS to L)
  3. Size 85CC (For sizes LT-XL-XXL)

You can buy replacement cartridges from us here!


  1. Do not machine wash or dry clean or immerse in water. We advise you to wash your airbag vest by hand with a sponge/rag with mild detergents without rubbing.
  2. Do not tumble dry.
  3. Do not iron.
  4. Do not expose your airbag vest to high temperatures (on a radiator, near a flame, closed vehicle in full sun)
  5. Do not leave your airbag vest folded or rolled up for a long time. You can use the offered Freejump cardboard hanger to fold your vest easily while transporting it.

The European standard of product warranty is 2 years.


Registering your FREEJUMP Airbag will allow you to :

– extend the limited 2-years warranty to a 4-years warranty,

– receive a FREE COMPLETE OVERHAUL of your FREEJUMP Airbag (a 59US $ value), available for 2-years after the date of purchase

Click Here to Register your Airbag Vest!

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