Classic Soft Up Stirrups
Classic Soft Up Stirrups
Classic Soft Up Stirrups

Classic Soft Up Stirrups


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Improved shock-absorption ability that reduces the strain on each stirrup by two-thirds and relieves pressure on the riders' joints and the horses' back with three times more cushioning than a traditional stirrup.
The aircraft-grade spring steel branch, with very high mechanical strength, is 37% more resistant. The Freejump single-branch technology allows a flexible outer branch to be used and is designed so that pressure from the foot opens it up if a rider is dragged by their horse.
Technical Features:
- Open eye/suitable for use with Freejump Wide Classic Stirrup leathers
- 9 treated studs (worn studs can be replaced)
- Spring steel branch overmoulded with an elastomer
- Flexible outer branch (can be replaced if damaged)
- Extra-wide carbon tread and tilited studs
- Center of gravity set towards the front

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