Equine Choice Prebiotic + Probiotic

Equine Choice Prebiotic + Probiotic


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Digestive Aid Supplement
Why Use Equine Choice Probiotics?
Naturally horses are grazing animals.  Their entire digestive system is designed to be eating about 18 – 24 hours a day.  They have a very small stomach that contains digestive acids.  Having evolved with a continual gut fill the  stomach empties its contents into the digestive tract every 20 minutes.  Grass, hay and forage act as a natural sponge for these acids preventing them from damaging the stomach lining and rest of the digestive tract.  Also the constant chewing produces natural buffers (bicarbonates) to neutralize the stomach acid, ensuring normal digestion.
However, when we use these animals for athletics or work, we greatly alter the timing and content of the feed that enters their stomach.  In order to supply the athlete with the energy to perform high energy feeds are fed in great quantities.  This reduces the forage available to soak up the acids and oftentimes the total amount of the high energy feeds is greater than the acids can handle.  Top this up with restricting diet intake times and we have a situation that has the potential to cause digestive upset.
Basically, in altering a horse’s lifestyle we compromise its natural digestive bacteria and process.
Equine Choice  Pre and Pro Biotics restore and replenish digestive enzymes and bacteria, returning the horse to its healthy digestive process…naturally!  Equine Choice also has gut healing amino acids, B-Vitamins and strong PreBiotics for natural digestive healing and health.
strive for balance and get it!
Equine Choice probiotics are a source of live, protected and reproducible yeast, plant digest, live enzymes and healthy bacteria which create and support a balanced and healthy digestive process.  Equine Choice has enzymes that aid in absorption of starches, proteins, minerals and nutrients in the small intestine.  Research has shown that these important nutrients are predominately absorbed here.  It further ensures consistent PH in the hind gut, the cecum, and large and small colon for fermentation of fibre and roughage ingredients, and re-absorption of water.
It’s a complex route, but with Equine Choice as part of your regular feeding management you can be assured…
Appetite                   INCREASES!
Healthy Bacteria     INCREASES!
Protein Utilization    INCREASES!
Starch Utilization     INCREASES!
Fibre Digestion        INCREASES!
Performance             IMPROVES!
when to use equine choice probiotics?
Use Equine Choice probiotics to improve feed intake, treat digestive upsets and to maintain healthy and balanced levels of digestive bacteria!
  • During & after antibiotic treatment.
  • At worming
  • During times of loose stools or diarrhea
  • During & after treatment for gastro-intestinal ulcers.
  • To reduce risk of ulcers due to inconsistent PH levels in fore & hind guts.
  • Horses with history/prone to colic
  • Pre and post weaning for foals.
  • To encourage dry feed consumption in foals.
  • Before, during and after shipping.
  • Pre-race & pre-retention barn.
  • Pre-show or event and throughout.
  • When changing rations
  • When changing from high starch to high fat diets
  • When feeding lesser quality hays (over 35% ADF)
  • To promote feed, fibre intake and digestion in senior horses.
  • When training or fitting horses for races, shows or sales.
  • When horse has digestive issues such as laminitis, hind gut acidosis, founder
  • Senior horses to prevent weight loss
  • When weight loss has occurred
It is not a drug and no withdrawal time is necessary!

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