Aurigan KK Ultra Double Jointed  Bradoon - 14mm

Aurigan KK Ultra Double Jointed Bradoon - 14mm


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Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon Bits have a three piece mouthpiece with a small, rotated center lozenge that has been anatomically designed to fit perfectly in the horse's mouth. The 14 mm version is the narrowest Herm Sprenger offers.
The design of the KK Ultra bit is the direct result of extensive anatomical research of the horse's mouth. It was discovered that the cavity of the horse's mouth where the bit sits is smaller than originally assumed. The KK Ultra Bit is designed with a shortened link set at a 45 degree angle to adapt to the anatomy of the horse's mouth, thus ensuring that when the reins are pulled, the round link rests fully on the tongue without squeezing it or applying pressure on the palate. This maximizes the tongue's sense of touch as clear instructions are given through the reins.
Herm Sprenger from Germany is renowned for its outstanding quality and technologically advanced designs. The Sprenger seal of quality guarantees safety and precision workmanship for over 135 years!
Herm Sprenger bits are available in different metals and offer two metals made specifically for use in horse bits; aurigan and sensogan.
Special nickel free alloy which, due to the inclusion of silicon, combines the pleasant tasting oxidation advantages of pure copper with maximum strength
A perfect mixture of materials: 85% copper, 4% silicon, 11% zinc which encourages salivation and intensive chewing activity
USDF and FEI approved metal
An alloy of copper, manganese and zinc that is an improvement on aurigan
Reduced copper content and the addition of manganese helps to regulate the oxidation process
May be a better choice for horses who salivate too much with a copper bit
Will keep its white gold color longer
Herm Sprenger German silver
A highly polished metal containing approximately 60% copper, 12-16% nickel and 18-22% zinc.
The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle Bits are designed and adapted to the anatomy of the horse's mouth with no pressure put on the palate.
Metal: Aurigan with stainless steel rings, German silver with stainless steel rings, aurigan with aurigan rings, or sensogan with stainless steel rings
Thickness: 14 mm,
55 mm (2.16535") ring

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