Freejump Saddle Strap for Airvest
Freejump Saddle Strap for Airvest

Freejump Saddle Strap for Airvest


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New saddle strap (Y) : lighter, quieter, high performance textile

Saddle Strap (Y): The individual user is responsible for adjusting the length of the saddle straps and installing them on the saddle, as well as hooking the carabiner of the key-ball lanyard to the saddle every time he rides his horse.

Too many riders attach their airbag to the saddle’s d-rings instead of attaching the airbag to the Y CORD supplied with the Freejump Airbag.  BE CAREFUL THIS IS A DANGEROUS PRACTICE !

The Y CORD attaches to the bars of the saddle, and allows the KEYBALL STRAP of the airbag being perfectly centered for an optimal airbag’s inflation.
The saddle’s d-ring is absolutely not made to support the pressure of a fall !

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