Luna Replacement Headband

Luna Replacement Headband


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Many Charles Owen helmet models feature a fully removable headband, which is machine washable (30ºC) and replaceable.

The helmet liner is designed to fit each helmet size increase and is attached using premium hook and loop closure to ensure that no pressure points exist to cause the rider discomfort.

We recommend riders use these replacement headbands to refresh their riding hat and ensure a snug fit.

Important: Replacing your headband does not extend the protection offered by your helmet. It’s essential that you replace your riding helmet after five years.

Made in the UK by Charles Owen.

You may come across the words ‘drape’ and ‘cup’ headbands which refer to the type of liner used in different helmet models.

*Please note only GR8 and jR8 models that currently have removable headbands are compatible with our replacement headband.

Cup headband

Allows for very specific sizing. It can be purchased in multiple sizes to allow room for a rider to grow or to put their hair up inside the helmet.

It fits inside the helmet and can be replaced when worn down to make the helmet feel as snug as when it was new.

Products: Ayr8 Plus, AyrBrush and Pro II Plus

Sizes: 52cm – 65cm
Round fit sizes: 56R – 59R

MIPS cup headband

Products: Esme JS1 Pro, Esme MS1 Pro, MS1 Pro and My PS

Sizes: 52cm – 62cm
Round fit sizes: 56R – 58R

Halo cup headband

Extended padded neck support provides the ultimate secure, comfortable fit.

Products: Halo

Sizes: 52cm – 61cm
Round fit sizes: 55R – 59R

Luna cup headband

Products: Luna

Sizes: 52cm – 61cm
Round fit sizes: 55R – 59R

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