Nylon and Leather Draw Reins - ONE Collection
Nylon and Leather Draw Reins - ONE Collection
Nylon and Leather Draw Reins - ONE Collection

Nylon and Leather Draw Reins - ONE Collection


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The Jump'In leather and rope Draw Reins are made with half a high-quality flat leather half rope so they easily slide through the bit rings. A hook on each end makes it easier to attach the draw reins to the girth. The reins can separate from each other by means of a buckle

This training aid influences the raising height of the horse's neck and is often used by the jumping riders. They must never be straightened like classic reins. They straighten only if the horse excessively raises its neck and comes above the rider's hand. A good draw reins use allows the horse's head and neck angle to remain open. They are not a help to have a horse on its bit.

Stainless steel buckles and hooks

Available in hazelnut, black or havana

Size: Pony or Full

To learn everything about our training aids, to know how to adjust and use them, you can click HERE.

The One Collection is a leather range created for a daily use with a chic and refined look. It is a wide range in which you will find a large selection of technical products: bridles, training aids and accessories (command or independent gogues, martingales and girths). To be accessible to every rider, the prices are adjusted to an optimum price-quality ratio. The One Collection goes right to basics. It is always keeping the Jump'In quality manufacturing and is a 100% made with savoir-faire.

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