Inno Sense Hard Mullen Swivel

Inno Sense Hard Mullen Swivel


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Mouthpiece Thickness: 20mm
The Swivel is a cheekpiece with loose rings featuring two small half rings on the inside,
connected by a vertical rod. The mouthpiece is attached to this rod and swivels up and
down for a gag effect. This cheekpiece can be ridden with one or two reins. The bridle
cheekpiece is attached to the upper half-ring and the reins can be attached to the large
ring or to the lower half-ring. The lower the rein, the greater the leverage effect, the
bigger the impact.
The Inno Sense bits come in three different models: soft, medium & hard. The mouthpieces are available in the versions; flexi, mullen and port. Bits from the Inno Sense line can be used for every horse and particularly suitable for young horses and/or horses with a sensitive mouth. The synthetic material is FDA approved, which means the material does not contain plasticizers and is non-toxic to people and animals. In addition, the flexi- and mullen model of the Inno Sense Bits line are solid because of the application of a core of stainless steel. Horses that are ridden with an Inno Sense Bit follow the hand easily and accept the bit smoothly.

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